US Realty Consultants, Inc.
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Golf Services

USRC has developed a practice devoted to golf-related and recreational facilities. The services offered under this practice include valuation and consultation for private country clubs, daily-fee golf courses, surrounding residential developments, and resort destinations.

USRC has the expertise to provide consultation to clubs of all types, with respect to supply and demand, operational reviews, pricing policies, and membership structure.

Valuation Studies: Narrative Appraisal of Market Value, Investment Value, or Value-in
-use, Portfolio and Asset Analysis, and Tax Appeal Appraisals.

Lender Due Diligence: Due diligence to help lenders determine if a loan commitment is
advisable. This includes evaluations of a facility and its operations, and the best-
case/worst-case scenarios the lender could experience if committing to a particular

 Market Studies: Market Analysis, Impact Analysis, Statistical Demand Analysis, Market 
Positioning Analysis, Strategic Business Plans, and Market Feasibility Analyses.

Purchase Consultation/Due Diligence: Analysis of a property vis-a-vis the existing market
and the potential for realizing an acceptable return of, and on, invested capital.

Membership Surveys: Surveying membership perceptions and opinions about policies 
and pricing, effectiveness of club management, etc.

Operational Studies: Operational Review, Food & Beverage Review, Quality Assurance, 
Strategic Planning, Budgeting Review, Management Evaluation and Interviewing,
  Staffing and Compensation Review, and Income/Expense Analysis.

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